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Business Coaching

Do you want to work with someone who knows what it takes to move your business forward?

Running your own business is incredibly rewarding, the pride in securing that major order or receiving recognition in delivering a superior product or service.

Yet at times it can be just as challenging when dealing with the daily frustrations, anxiety and concern when your employees  or suppliers let you down, or anxiety when deadlines are too tight, or worry when your cash flow goes into the red.

You can share  your success  with family and friends, but who do you turn to in those challenging times. A Business Coach is someone who is by your side in those times of  frustration and assists in working through the issues providing you with encouragement and  ideas, tested strategies and solutions to keep moving you forward towards your business goals.

We work with clients on:

  • Creating a vision for your business. What is it you really want to do, achieve?

  • Creating a business plan with strategic steps on how to get to your goal.

  • Profitability. Making a good profit is essential to success.

  • Keeping you on track: You will held  accountable to what you say you are going to do, knowing that you having somebody asking you those hard questions that you may want to avoid is a key motivator in keeping you task oriented.

Peak Performance Executive Coaching

It is probably an under statement that many leaders are time pressed and yet need to improve results within the business at speed. With this in mind this program we deliver is for time-pressed leaders who want results quickly.We typically collaborate on two business goals to move your organisation forward and usually one personal goal to ensure a healthy balanced life-style.

Possible Goal areas may include:

• Strategic Planning
• Organisational issues
• Program develoment
• Time management
• Work/Life Balance

Potential Plus™

In today’s ever changing business climate,  managers are becoming increasingly aware of the need to develop abilities and strategies to master the complex, fast changing and possibly unfamiliar competitive environment.

We help your team realise the power of their natural strengths and assist with the creation of a clear vision with strong performance goals.

With this focus, you can attain extraordinary results with a team that functions positively and productively together.

As an employer, you can provide the best information, resources and systems and yet some teams still don’t get the results you know are achievable.

Potential Plus™ is a no-nonsense program aimed to increase results and performance; develop strategies, and share techniques to take your organisation to a new level of growth and service delivery.

What is Potential Plus?
It’s well known that when people are aligned and focused on what must be done, good things happen. The challenge is identifying the opportunities and obstacles and then getting everyone on the same page – and keeping everyone’s focus and momentum on delivering the plan.

Based on the principle that to transform an organisation, you must transform its people Potential Plus™ has a three step system that delivers this formula for success:

The conduct of our Potential for Growth Audit provides you with an independent assessment of your growth potential
Track Your Plan, staff are guided through the implementation of the Potential for Growth outcomes.
Peak Performance Executive Coaching involves working with the team over six months to twelve months to ensure that they succeed in taking action and producing results.

Through the refinement and integration of team skills and focus on critical success factors, as delivered through Potential Plus™, a 30–40% increase in productivity and performance is possible.

The genesis of our program is the critical missing link that other programs don’t provide. It provides all the benefits of an audit, executive coaching and a series of in-house workshops directed to achieve in key priority areas, plus ongoing support structures that provide more depth, direct and application. 

Personal Development

The Mianca Group owns and operates a number of self development websites.

We develop, review and source the most advanced online coaching and life changing resources and programs in the world. Our mission is to empower you to easily and comfortably take the necessary actions to achieve success, prosperity and happiness in your life and provide you with the edge to succeed in today's competitive environment.

The Personal Development Group reaches into most countries and our online coaching  programs are accessed by people in the United States, Canada, South America, Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia and New Zealand.

We look forward to working with you in your personal journey towards greater success, wealth, happiness, health and well being.

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