Staying Motivated Daily When You're Looking for a Job

Is there anything more soul-crushing than the daily grind of searching for a job?  A constant stream of rejections is enough to to make you want to give up over and over again, every single day.

How do people stay motivated so they can persevere to the end?  It's not easy, even though the average job search is about 5 weeks shorter than it was a year ago*. It's may not be easy but it's crucial to your success.  Once you lose your motivation you're ripe for depression.  Once depression sets in, everything will snowball faster and faster downwards on you, creating exponential failure, bad luck and doom.

You don't want that!  Neither will potential employers..and trust us on this one: hiring bosses can smell defeat a mile away.  They'll have crossed you off the list before you even walk through their doorway.

So, with an eye toward staying motivated for your job search, here are 8 ways to keep your spirits up while enduring one rejection after another...

 1.  Network, Socialize and Stay Connected

 Stay in touch with your friends, especially the ones that have jobs.  They might know of openings, or the very least keep connected to the workplace environment, even if it's second-hand.

 2.  Avoid All Negativity, Especially Politics & World News

This is not a time in your life when you need to be hearing about disastrous world events, economic woes, or sad examples of how our species fails every day to create a peaceful world for all humankind.  It will only trigger a deluge of negative thoughts in your brain and put you in a dark hole, from which it bill be very difficult to extract yourself.

While we're on the subject of negativity, it's also better to stay away from any downer friends you have, at least until you land a job.  Find people who have a better outlook on life and try to be around them every day.

3.  Instead, Stay Positive by Getting to Know Successful People

Maybe it will rub off on you?  Maybe, but the real reason for cozying up to winners is you might learn how to adopt their way of thinking.  Nothing wins an interview like confidence, and confidence is contagious.

Don't know any successful people?  Try reading biographies of big winners.  You'll learn a positive attitude by reading how they overcame obstacles.  You'll also discover there's not one successful person out there who didn't fail before succeeding.

It will remind you that with every rejection, you're one step closer to getting your job!