Do You Let Others Influence Your Decisions?

Would you say that you are the type of person that is easily influenced by others? Do you find yourself agreeing just to keep the peace or to be part of the group? If so, this means that you are not really being true to yourself. You are not allowing your personality, thoughts and feelings to emerge. Why is this?

It is often more difficult to be viewed as the outspoken person or the one that has a different point of view. If you want to become your own person, this is a step that you are going to have to take at some point in your life.

If your friends are discussing a subject that you feel strongly about, there is nothing wrong in stating your thoughts and feelings on the topic. Even if the majority seems to not agree with your views. You just need to have the confidence to air your feelings, and yes, this is not always easy.

By airing your views to your friends and family they may see you in a different light. They might not even agree or understand where you got your point of view from. But there should be no judgement from either side. You are definitely entitled to your views, as are they.

It takes confidence to be the one to be in opposition to anything. It is much easier to stay silent or just nod your head in agreement. It takes guts to speak out, but when you do you will feel so proud of yourself for doing so.

While it is easy to allow others to influence your life you should not let anyone do this all the time. To get out of this scenario you want to surround yourself with people who are open to everyone just being themselves. This might be dressing the way you want to, having different views or only eating specific foods. No one should judge you for your actions. They should just appreciate that your actions are only an extension of the real you.

So if you are feeling as though you are not living the life you were meant to. Stop allowing others to make your decisions. Take a stance and stand up for yourself. Choose your own path and be prepared to accept any consequence, good or bad that this might involve. You can be the person you truly want to be by taking action, starting today.