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Strategic Planning

A strategic plan premised on action is the basic building block for superior  performance and is essential to help both management  and staff to focus on priorities and accountability.

Your strategic plan is your road-map to the future.

Leaders and managers are too often overwhelmed with performing  day-to-day issues that they fail to focus on where the business is going

Acting on those priorities, and having staff accountable to those priorities, is the essence of good strategic planning. We will work with you to improve your finance and human resource systems, and help you develop new approaches to programming. We specialise in creating strategic plans that maximise your potential.

Partners for Non-Profit Success

We coach CEO's and their senior managers to build their leadership capability.

We work with the  leadership team to develop strategic plans that prioritise goals, better utilise resources,  and become more entrepreneurial in their program management, fund-raising and capacity building.

The Mianca Group provides advice to overcome the  challenges of embracing economic, environmental and governance issues in line with national and international best practice. This allows social profit organisations to increase institutional effectiveness and to better engage in corporate partnerships.

Our services and expertise for social profit organisations include:

  • Develop multi-year, mission driven strategic plan with full stakeholder involvement;
  • Conduct board audits (policies, practice and composition) and board engagement strategies including:
  • Develop and implement a corporate cultivation process (increasing the institutional capacity to work with the corporate sector);
  • Audit income generating activities including gaps analysis;
  • Design mission driven, holistic income generating strategies matched by resources and aspirations and realistic, measurable targets;
  • Professional development/ mentoring for CEO’s, Board members and corporate partnership executives in line with strategic direction of the organisation.

Development Programs

• Development Audits
• Annual Funds
• Major Giving Programs
• Bequest Programs
• Corporate Sponsorship
• Special Events

We may work on a specific funding project, or help you review your entire funding and development strategy. We then work with your team to successfully execute it. We measure our performance in the fundraising and development fields by how well our recommendations work specifically for you.

For many organisations, it may mean exploring your current challenges and opportunities. We have found that the first step toward positive, dynamic change is to take a realistic look at the present. Our team will examine your organisation to identify windows of opportunity and determine its readiness for future growth.

Our Potential Plus™ program provides you with a snapshot of where your team is now and a way forward. This becomes the springboard for innovative and successful change, and a blueprint for positive growth. It does not stop there, we then work with the management team to bring your plan into reality.

Public Policy Strategy

Our expertise provides clients the opportunity to overcome public policy obstacles in order to achieve their goals. Experienced in working with federal, state, and local government officials, we recognise that each client and issue requires a specific and detailed strategy to achieve results. To this end, we strive to become our clients’ partner, helping them to integrate public policy strategy as a critical element of their comprehensive business plans, and then assisting in the execution of that strategy and measure its success.

We know how government works, and we know the people who make it run. We put that knowledge and those contacts to work for our clients full-time, year round advocacy that works.

Governance Issues

  • Create Effective Staff/Board Working Relationships.
  • Board Recruitment and Orientation.
  • Board Roles & Responsibilities.
  • Board Fundraising Opportunities.
  • Meeting Facilitation.
  • Involving Boards in Growth and Change.
  •  Focusing board members on strategic issues
  • Succession planning, self-assessments and evaluation of CEO effectiveness

There are times in the life of a non-profit when board members’ responsibilities and board governance need a tune-up. The Mianca Group  will work with your board members to define their specific roles and responsibilities. We analyse the workings of the board and various committees, evaluating the contribution each makes to the overall mission.

Executive Transitions

Looking for interim management due to a sudden loss of CEO, President or Executive Director?

We also provide executive transition services before, during and after a leadership transition. We work with the board to create a plan that considers the short, medium and long term steps to be taken, and optimise the transition.