Our Purpose 

We achieve our mission by working with executives, professionals, business owners, managers and employees, giving them the tools, support strategies and structure needed, to improve and maximize their professional and personal performance. Our ability to provide Boards and Chief Executives with leading edge strategic and development counsel improves the total effectiveness of their organisations, enabling them to take leadership positions in their fields.

We work in partnership with the client and continually strive to transfer knowledge and skills to individuals in the client organisation as quickly as possible. It is the client's people who have the key, empowering them to improve on your systems and people productivity long after we are gone is our objective. Our success is dependent upon the strength and quality of that partnership.

A Little About Ourselves

Founder and Principal, Michael Cassar is himself highly experienced with over thirty years of proven management and consulting experience at senior levels in organisational development; strategic planning; and management of change; matched with a strong background in public relations and marketing.

He is an effective change agent with substantial expertise in the establishment of development of Boards, fundraising, membership and volunteer development programs in the non profit sector based on his work with the Little Athletics Association and the Scout Association.strategic planning, marketing, people management and administration in the non profit sector.. 


Michael believes that Mianca Australia’s rapid growth is due to the dissatisfaction of organisations with the quality of service previously available. He resolved that Mianca Australia would not become involved in the field unless it had established programs which could be readily taken up by employees in client organisations, empowering them to boost effectiveness, raise performance and better equip them with techniques essential to managing in a changing environment.


What We Do



We are an independent management consultancy with the facility to work closely with a number of skilled experts, enabling us to provide a complete range of professional management and organisational development services.

While the uniqueness of each client dictates the exact services required, typically our multi discipline approach might include:

          *         Business and Strategic Planning.


        *         Development of Marketing Plans


         *         Facilitating future directions conferences and senior management                            workshops.


         *         Advising on building effective teams.


         *         Conducting marketing or development audits.


*         Working with organisations in the non profit sector in developing programs designed to raise funds for future growth and service delivery.        

         *         Advising on organisational development issues.


         *         Conducting needs analyses.


         *         Customising and presenting training programs designed to improve the                   people management, leadership and problem solving skills of staff at all                   management levels.


         *         Development of Volunteer Boards.


         *         Volunteer management and membership programs.


         *          Confidential Executive Search




Scope of Client Services


You won’t find a more comprehensive range of programs for focusing boards, chief executives, managers and employees on growth, service delivery, performance and gaining the competitive edge.


We are committed to delivering the most effective solutions and following them up with ongoing support to ensure that you gain every conceivable benefit from mastering and applying the material to your own particular situation.


Client services include:


·      Potential For Growth Audit


·      Bequests Major Gift Program?


·      Six Steps to Business Success


·      Circles of Excellence


·      Managing for Growth and Performance


·      Strategic Leadership Program


·      Peak Performance Executive Coaching    


Track Record



….In addition to our structured programs, other completed projects are:



-         Business Development Audits

-         Expense Reduction Analysis

-         Providing ongoing strategic, legal and industrial relations counsel; and developing policy and administration policy procedures for a state sporting association

-         Co-ordination of the installation and conversion of a membership data base and training staff in relationship marketing.

-         Establishing Major Gift and Bequest programs and training operational staff.

-         Preparation of a successful bid to conduct the Fifth General Assembly of the World Blind Union I Melbourne in 2000


Why Retain the Mianca Group

We have been involved with dozens of clients in a range of industries and sectors, including retailing, shipping, manufacturing, hospitality, sport associations, government and the nonprofit sector organisations.

We have found that our clients often choose us for one or more of the following reasons:

Expertise in business.  We offer specialised service for increased bottom line performance.  This allows us to be of immediate use to clients and generate results in specific problem areas.

Track record in developing people.  Our experience with many types and sizes          of organisations allows us to develop and improve executive commitment and          teamwork in key areas.

Efficiency.  We have programs and tools that often allow us to perform an assignment better and faster than clients can on their own.  Our planning and implementation process facilitates practical, cost effective solutions and programs geared to the capabilities and budget of an organization and its people.

         Objectivity.  We bring a fresh viewpoint gained from many years of senior          management       experience with a range of organisations; this avoids overlooking  less obvious but important aspects of a client's operations highlighting          opportunities and solutions to problem areas.

Focus.  Because we can concentrate on a accomplishing a critical assignment quickly, our clients are able to focus on managing the ongoing business without diversion.